Edited by Bryan Beattie and Gerry Hassan with an introduction by James Robertson

Commissioned as part of A Scottish Wave of Change for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, ImagiNation: Stories of Scotland's Future is ambitious and entertaining look at the future through the eyes of over 30 Scottish writers. It features comic book, short story, poetry and drama in a unique and compelling collection of new work. At times hilarious, and always thought-provoking, the anthology provides an imaginative perspective on how the country might look as we move through the new century. CHosen as the Herald's Paperback Of The Week


  • James Robertson
  • Alan Warner
  • Angus Peter Campbell
  • Cynthia Rogerson
  • Tom Pow
  • Raman Mundair
  • Bill Duncan
  • Allan Massie
  • Alice Walsh
  • Michael Rigg
  • Ben Werdmuller
  • Kirsty Logan
  • Mark McNay
  • Ronald Frame
  • Allan Radcliffe
  • David Greig
  • Rona Munro
  • William Letford
  • Peter Arnott
  • Sam Irving
  • Helen Jackson
  • Jane Alexander
  • Alan Bissett
  • Morna Pearson
  • Alan Wilkins
  • Rob Miller
  • Chris Watson
  • David Tomei
  • Ciaran Slavin
  • Nulsh
  • Donald Mackenize
  • Gerry Hassan

What the papers said

All these tales adhere to James Joyce’s notion of the short story as epiphany, with moments of crossover and transition, when the past becomes the future and so on. Together, they show a bright way forward for Scottish literature, whatever that is, as well as an acknowledgement of the past.
— The Herald

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Project Credits

  • Edited by Bryan Beattie and Gerry Hassan
  • Introduced by James Robertson
  • Project Management by Fiona Fowler
  • Cover & Text Design by Jane Wilde
  • Printed by Waverley Books

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