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‘Scotland small? Our multiform infinite Scotland small?’
— Hugh McDairmid

How can you possibly show the biological and cultural diversity of an entire country, especially one as magnificently diverse as Scotland? When an ecologist has this problem they take a sample at random by throwing a quadrat – a small wooden square – and count the number of species in its boundaries. Infinite Scotland, is a project that looks to do the same, although our metaphorical quadrat will be a few miles square rather than a few metres.

We’ve chosen six areas that highlight the five ecosytem types in Scotland (plus one bonus extra!) and taken a look at the wildlife, heritage, environment, and culture that makes it distinctive. So the plant-rich Insh Marshes near Kingussie sit alongside the great shinty player, Ronald Ross, who’s cheek by jowl with the capercaillie of the nearby Cairngorm, that overlook the birthplace of Macpherson, creator of the Gaelic Ossianic saga.

As well as a website, app and live show, a book to accompany the project will be published in 2015.

About the Show

Entertaining and thought-provoking – The Living Planet meets QI – your memorable journey through Scotland’s fascinating natural diversity and brilliant artistic life is led by Blythe Duff (Taggart) and Kenny Taylor (BBC Attenborough programmes).

Infinite Scotland includes specially filmed contributions featuring explorer Mark Beaumont, writers and broadcasters Richard Holloway and Muriel Gray, artist Anne Bevan, architect Malcolm Fraser and Gaelic singer & folklorist Margaret Bennett. 

Photography by Laurie Campbell (National Geographic) and William Stark (Bluemungus), put together by video designer John McGeoch at Arts in Motion with atmospheric live music composed by David Allison, and the beautiful voice of Maeve MacKinnon

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Project Credits

  • Words by Kenny Taylor
  • Photography by Laurie Campbell
  • Additional Photography by William Stark
  • Music by David Allison
  • Vocals by Maeve MacKinnon
  • App Development by Bluemungus
  • Animation by John McGeoch, Arts in Motion
  • Concieved and developed by Bryan Beattie

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