Beechgrove Garden Tartan in the loom at Knockando Woolmill

Beechgrove Garden Tartan in the loom at Knockando Woolmill

MyStory is a new app being developed by Big Sky that helps products to tell their story – how they were made, who by, and why – as a way of adding value and interest. Using cutting-edge technology it will enable mobile devices to ‘talk’ instantly with products that carry the MyStory label.

To create MyStory we have brought together the skillsets of several partners: the technical knowledge of Linknode, the design skills of Pulse North, the marketing/PR insight of Greg Gordon, and the product design and retail experience of Knockando Woolmill.

MyStory & Knockando

Knockando are developing a fantastic product range that sits comfortably and recognisably alongside other high-end quality market brands. They’ll use MyStory to help ensure their distinctiveness is visible - a practical way of providing this additional market-place profile. They have identified demographic target markets in the UK, and also a geographic market (Japan) where there is great interest from potential buyers.

MyStory will provide an easy and memorable way of demonstrating the unique aspects of what Knockando products offer. Their three core values – Authenticity, Heritage, and Quality – will be reinforced through the MyStory app that is activated automatically when a mobile device (phone/tablet) touches the product’s label. The device will immediately display information – video, images, text – that reinforce one of the Knockando three core values, bespoke to that product e.g. how it was made, why that design was used, what historical significance it has, and such like.

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